Indian real estate decisions are greatly influenced by a few particular factors. These are:

  • The property price.
  • The city and locality where property is bought.
  • The time of buying the property.
  • The type of property bought.
  • The person selling the property.

The price, the paramount and traditionally sensitive purchase consideration, is actually dependent a great deal on the remaining factors.    

The city where you seek to buy property in India naturally affects the price you pay and the speed at which you own the property. India’s four metros along with Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune lead the field with several buyers requisitioning for living and working spaces. For instance, to buy property in Delhi you would definitely need the services of a good real estate agency to search the multiple options in around Delhi and NCR, decode complex governmental laws, negotiate the best prices, and help with purchase formalities. The specific area assumes importance; locations closest to office hubs, transport facilities, and entertainment avenues will - of course - be preferred over others.

To buy property in India, the timing of the purchase decision also assumes significance. Buying flats and apartments at the launch of builders’ housing schemes as well as during festivals and extended holidays can afford considerable savings. For example, if you buy property in Delhi next to the Dwarka expressway where many new flats have been announced, you can surely beat the subsequent price hike at the time of possession.

The property type is also an important determinant. Commercial property generally costs more than residential property. Also new property is obviously more valuable than used space although renovations and repairs can reduce the gap.

If you buy property in India from established developers, it will certainly come at a premium but it will also guarantee good construction, honest transactions, and peace of mind. For instance, if you buy property in Delhi from government-approved builders, you’ll gain an extra degree of assurance.                   

Real estate decisions are never simple but the aforesaid advice will surely stand you in good stead and help you ‘home’ in the right property!



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