About Project

With nature in your lap and peace within, you are not too far from attaining nirvana. 'Espace Premiere' brings to you tranquil living - skillfully merged with modern amenities to give you the experience of utmost luxury.

Located across Sector 71 & 72, Gurgaon, Espace Premiere is a community of single and double storey villas. A mix of elevations provide an undulating roof line adding variety and richness to the streetscape. A series of balconies and covered trellis enliven the front fagades creating cosy social spaces. The modern architecture binds the neighbourhood together. The facades are a combination of stone, stucco and composite wood with art nouveau inspired screen patterns, which bring about an organic energy and unique character to each villa. The play of light and shadow through the screens and covered areas, provide a transition between outer space and home. The recessed wood panels, create a warm glow in the evening hours with the screens softening the summer sun.

Espace Premiere



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