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An address that cares for the planet we call home!

Planting a tree, discounting the usage of plastic bags, cutting down on paper use – you do your bit in environment conservation. You use water wisely always remember to switch off lights when you don't need them. Now how about a home that reflects your sanity towards the environment?

That's how it should've always been. And that's exactly how your life will be now with BPTP introducing its 1st Eco Community, shortly. Here your home will celebrate nature. Your home reflects your personality; now let it also help you do a little more for the environment.

Being a green building, the community will make maximum utilization of renewable sources of energy, reducing its carbon footprint in the environment. Use of solar panels would improve energy efficiency of the building to reduce environmental impacts from excessive energy use.. Special attention would be given to soil conservation, rain water harvesting and energy metering. The building design also ensures maximum comfort to the differently abled people. Enhanced day lighting, windmills and effective waste management are some of the other features of this project.

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