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We are a real estate development company with operations primarily in various parts of the NCR, including Gurgaon, Faridabad, NOIDA and Greater NOIDA. We are involved in residential and commercial real estate development projects ranging from integrated townships, plotted development, group housing consisting of high rise and low rise apartments and villas to other commercial properties including district and convenience commercial and retail centres, IT and cyber parks and IT SEZs. Our operations are located in close proximity to social and physical infrastructure that has been planned by various government authorities or is under implementation. 

We are the largest real estate development company in the Gurgaon-Faridabad-NOIDA market in terms of the number of apartments launched and sold, and the third largest real estate development company in terms of the sq ft launched and sold, in each case during the period from January 2005 to July 2009 (source: PropEquity). During the period from July 2008 to September 2009, we launched four residential projects in the low-rise segment (which includes buildings up to five floors) and sold 7,398 apartments constituting 8.7 million sq ft of Saleable Area, and one residential project in the mid-rise segment (which includes buildings up to seven floors) and sold 774 apartments constituting 0.8 million sq ft of Saleable area in Faridabad. 

We broadly classify our projects into projects in respect of which we have either commenced bookings or construction (“Ongoing Projects”) and projects which are in the planning stage of development and in respect of which we have not yet commenced bookings or construction (“Forthcoming Projects”). As of December 2, 2009, we had 17 Ongoing Projects aggregating approximately 39.39 million sq ft of Saleable Area, and 40 Forthcoming Projects aggregating approximately 57.14 million sq ft of Saleable Area. 

As of December 2, 2009, we had offered possession for approximately 6.79 million sq ft in our integrated township ‘Project Parklands’ and 0.33 million sq ft in our group housing project ‘Freedom Parklife’ in Sector 57, Gurgaon. 

Of the total 57 projects, 31 projects are part of Project Parklands, our signature integrated township in Faridabad, which is a ‘mixed use’ township comprising residential plots and independent floors, villas, high and low rise group housings, convenience commercial complexes, an IT park and an IT SEZ along with other social infrastructure like clubs, hospitals, schools, police post and places of worship. Our Promoter and founder, Mr. Kabul Chawla, has vast experience in real estate development industry and been associated with the real estate development business since 1995. Prior to the commencement of construction of our Ongoing Projects, Mr. Chawla has, through joint ventures, developed two IT and cyber parks in Gurgaon and NOIDA covering an aggregate of approximately 0.99 million sq ft of Saleable Area and two shopping malls in Delhi covering an aggregate of approximately 0.27 million sq ft of Saleable Area. Mr. Chawla has been primarily responsible for the direction and growth of our business and has been instrumental in identifying our current development projects, including identifying Faridabad as a destination and our signature integrated township project, Project Parklands. Project Parklands is spread across 1,415.49 acres and constitutes 57.99 million sq ft of Saleable Area. Further, we have 101.7 acres of land within Project Parklands which is reserved for the development of social infrastructure such as clubs, hospitals and schools, which we intend to lease on a long-term basis. To enable easy access to and from Project Parklands. 

We believe that we are one of the few companies in India that have investments from major global investors both in our Company and in certain of our Subsidiaries. CPI invested Rs. 3,225 million in our Company in August 2007. HVIHL, an affiliate of J.P. Morgan Chase Banks, invested Rs. 2,150 million in our Company in July 2008. CPI India invested an aggregate amount of Rs. 3,990 million in three of our associate companies and one of our Subsidiary’s owning SEZ projects in Faridabad, NOIDA and Greater NOIDA in April 2008. We also own 51% in our Subsidiary, Vital Construction Private Limited, which is developing ‘BPTP ‘i’ Park’, an IT park located on NH-8 in Gurgaon, and the remaining 49% shareholding interest in this Subsidiary is owned by Merrill Lynch International. Merrill Lynch International invested Rs. 1,122.1 million in this Subsidiary in March 2007.

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