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To grow, to flourish, to prosper. To rejuvenate, to relax, to recoup. Life needs space. And there's no better metaphor for seamless space than free flowing winds. The Westerlies from Experion represents that abundance of space. Nestled amidst swaying trees, winding walkways and chirping birds, what you will discover here is an inspired holistic lifestyle in low-rise homes.
Well-balanced neighbourhoods that foster community living, with an integrated landscape plan. Put simply, this is the central design theme for The Westerlies. The township is extremely well-connected to the key focal points in NCR and is designed to offer a high quality, secure and holistic living experience.
In an urban context, it is important to capitalise on the value of open space. The plan envisions expansive stretches across the development, thereby ensuring that all areas in the master plan are no further than 100 MTS from a high quality open space. While it is expansive in nature, it has been designed to also provide localised features of interest and various places to unwind.
The Breeze forms the main avenue for entrance and exit and strives to put forth the best assets like open spaces to play and meditate which is enhanced by the continuous stretch from one side to the other. This central greenspine links up the entire site into a cohesive whole. All the units lie within a ten minutes walk from this landscaped green making it the social and cultural epicenter of the township.

The Westerlies


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